There are many characteristics which when reflected in a persons behaviour almost instantly produce a sense of respect for that individual such as loyalty, integrity, passion, and honesty. Other characteristics do the opposite and produce a sense of distaste, for me a big one being laziness. Recently, I’ve been captured by this horrible disease we call laziness, often choosing instant gratification over important hard work.

Laziness put simply, is a bitch. Giving into it once increases the likelihood that you’ll give into it again and before you know it you’ll find yourself binge-watching Netflix all day long. Activities which you before considered to be productive, now become infinitely more difficult to do and saying “no” to bad habits seems almost impossible.

It’s very interesting how quickly our brain forms new habits or returns to old ones. For me, this all began when I decided to go on a strict diet. I began eating far less than I used to and only ate foods considered to be “clean” such as broccoli, rice, chicken breast etc. I got some great results, however, the lack of calories combined with intense workouts caused me to feel exhausted for the majority of the day.

I began playing video games and watching TV more often as a way to take my mind off the food and conserve energy. I stopped reading books altogether, and quit learning software skills outside of my job. I also almost entirely stopped writing blog posts which I had the intention of posting on a weekly basis.

Eventually realizing the effect that this diet had on my lifestyle, I quit. I decided that it isn’t worth the effort and began eating normally. My caloric intake returned to normal and so did my workout regimen, however, my old habits did not. The need for writing blog posts, learning new skills, meditating, and reading just wasn’t there. It literally felt like I became a different person, laziness had taken over.

I’m actually still in the process of rewiring my brain and getting back to where I used to be. I feel it’s important to be conscious of the fact that the only cure to laziness is repeated action. Also, how easy it is to lose your good habits and the difficulty of getting them back. In the next few blog posts, I hope to cover my progress and obstacles that I face along the way.

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