Following an “Intense” Diet

I’m currently in the process of dieting for a bodybuilding competition taking place in about twelve weeks near my home city. I and a friend decided to compete in a local show, which every day I pretty much regret committing to.

First off I’ll go ahead and admit that dieting is extremely difficult for me. It is probably the most challenging thing period. I love food, and probably have some sort of an eating disorder lurking subconsciously. For this reason, traditional dieting simply does not work for me. Instead, I leverage supplements, exercise, sleep and other things in order to get through the day.

One major challenge is the fact that from Monday to Friday, I have to be able to fully focus on my work for around 8 hours a day. I love programming, and 8 hours is not very long but without careful planning, it is easy to burn out by 2 pm and feel like a complete zombie.

So let’s dive into some of the specifics of what I do. Firstly I follow a low fat, moderate carbohydrate, high protein diet. For those of you who aren’t into nutrition, it pretty much means that the majority of what I eat is rice and chicken breast. By keeping my diet low fat I am able to fit more carbohydrates in, which from experience seem to give me more energy and keep me full.

I also try to exercise twice a day, lifting weights in the morning and doing cardiovascular exercise at night. My training sessions are quite short, ranging from 30-40 minutes. I only lift weights 4 times a week, the rest of the days I only do cardio. This is to ensure that my muscles are recovering for the following workout.

On top of eating primarily clean foods, I don’t get to eat a lot of them. It is necessary that I am at a caloric deficit on a daily basis. This causes me to experience a major drop in energy levels which affect pretty much every area of my life. In order to combat this, on an almost everyday basis, I use supplements to get me through the day.

A lot of people consider supplements scams but I believe they are miracle workers. I use ephedrine whenever I lack energy or experience extreme hunger. Coffee, or caffeine I’ll use for pretty much the same purpose, usually drinking some before exercise or during work. Whey protein is great for after exercise in order to feed your body amino acids that help to produce muscle growth.

Even after supplementing though, things just aren’t the same. Following an “intense” diet is not easy and takes a major toll on productivity. For the next twelve weeks,  I’ll have to carefully invest energy only into the necessary things such as work(programming), exercise, and maintaining order at home. If you’re looking to lose weight fast here’s my advice, don’t. It isn’t worth the mental and physical strain, instead do it slow and steady by procedurally changing your eating and exercise habits.



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