Living with Parents After Graduating

I just recently moved back in with my parents after graduating University. Prior to this I’ve been living on my own focusing on my studies. Almost instantly after moving back in major changes started taking place in my lifestyle, some for the worse. My focus was affected due to the high number of distractions that came with living with three other people, of whom one is an 18 year old girl a.k.a. my sister. Diet took a hit since I no longer had full control over what went in the fridge. My schedule could no longer be kept strict due to the unpredictable events that would take place throughout the day. Most importantly though, my state of mind was affected meaning it was far harder to focus my thoughts on what is important rather than trivial.

With that being said, it wasn’t all bad. Firstly I was able to spend time with my family and was no longer isolated inside a single room with roommate’s I don’t know. I also got to cut down on living expenses, luckily my parents didn’t charge me for rent and I could get away with using their utilities, furniture, and other things that I couldn’t have afforded otherwise. My living space was much larger, and there was always somebody to talk to if help is needed.

So what’s better, living with parents or alone? I think that both living environments have their place. Given the situation it makes a lot of sense to live with my parents since I don’t have a lot of money and rent is super expensive where I live. I think that while the environment is less work friendly, with proper communication, organization and time management it is still possible to stay on track.

It is definitely something short-term though, I think that living with parents slows down my growth as an individual dramatically. This isn’t only because my productivity is affected but also because the environment isn’t ideal for change. My parents are accustomed to the person they raised me to be and changes in my behavior and ways of thinking sometimes scare them. Being independent, and having nearly full control over the environment I live in will definitely make changing easier, whether its habits or ways of thinking.

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