The War of Code??

I decided to call this blog the war of code, to most the name probably makes little to no sense. The name was inspired by the very popular book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield which dives into why it is so damn difficult to begin the process of creation, and how to overcome the resistance to do so.  In the later chapters of the book Steven begins to get mystical and goes over the magic that occurs once the process of creation begins. The concepts described in the book I believe don’t just apply to creating what most people would consider “art” such as painting, rather I believe they apply to any sort of craft in general. Coding, programming, software development, or whatever else you want to call it, is one of these crafts. Just as it is sometimes difficult for an author to sit down and force himself to write, it is also often difficult for a software developer to get in front of his laptop and begin coding. Once started though, it gets easier and easier to continue at your craft until eventually it is difficult to stop.

On this blog I plan to write about my journey as a software developer and the different battles I face both technically and mentally in this “war” with code. I plan to describe and reflect on my stumbles with this annoying “resistance” which gets in the way of my craft, but also the beauty of being in “flow” where it seems like the code is writing itself. While programming is the definite focus of what I’ll be writing about, it won’t be exclusive to that. I’m a big fan of integrating different aspects of life such that they are all benefiting one another, creating one enjoyable experience. My goal is to find the easiest and most satisfying way to create software, not only through attaining advanced technical skills but also by adjusting other areas of my life.


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